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 “From a Convict to a Convert” by: Michael Berrian, Jr.

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The overwhelming love and grace of God is expressed in this true story of my life. I was raised in a single parent home in the Pleasant Hill neighborhood located in Macon, GA. As a young child, I experienced a lot being in the midst of drugs dealers and drug buyers, alcohol drinkers, and gang members (and affiliates). It was a normal thing to be sexually active at a young age. My mother was a Christian, so hearing about God and going to church was also normal. I heard about JESUS growing up as a young boy and as a teenager but I only knew ‘about’ Him, I didn’t ‘know’ Him personally for myself. I made a lot of bad choices and became a victim to my environment over the course of time. I began to rebel against my mother and her teachings of God. My life began to fall apart around the age of fourteen and for the next several years I was on a downward spiral to destruction. One day my two friends and I decided to commit a robbery, which would be the first out of three we committed. We were eventually captured and incarcerated, facing four felony charges each. I was given mercy as I stood before the Judge with great fear in my heart of what he could possibly do to me. My life at that point was in his hands, so I thought. I received ten years, of which I only had to serve four of those years in prison. While incarcerated my life was interrupted by the most loving, gracious, caring, merciful, beautiful person I know today. What I thought would be the death of me turned out to produce life in the end. In this book I share my transformation “From a Convict to a Convert”.


Chapter 1: Product Of My Environment

Chapter 2: Following The Crowd

Chapter 3: On The Run

Chapter 4: Plea Bargain

Chapter 5: State Of GA v. Michael Berrian

Chapter 6: The Intermission

Chapter 7: 1126382

Chapter 8: Wasting My Life

Chapter 9: Getting My Attention

Chapter 10: Raised From The Dead

Chapter 11: New Life

Chapter 12: (Conclusion) Jesus Will Judge All

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